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So you are in the studio creating, nice vibe, collaborating with a few song writers, you create a banger. Manager likes the song, and ready to setup release and asking you for the splits to setup distribution, you dont have any. You dont even know the real names of the persons in the session. You have a problem.

This is a scenario that happens alot in recording sessions all over the world, and also leads to people getting left off the credit in a song.

My suggestion, create a split sheet. Using a split sheet you can, while writing the song, agree the song splits.

The split sheets usually have the following information.

- song name

- all writer names, and share in the song

- if the writer is signed to a publishing company, this should also be specified

- songwriting designation (either, C=composer, A=Author, AC=Author and Composer)

I am offering you on my blog, a split sheet template to use. see below:

Download • 566KB

You would have noticed that my split sheet has an extra section called, "credit sheet". This section is good to also document all the meta data for the song, which will be good for labels and distributors when they are ready to put out the song.

Please note, a split sheet must be filled out for every song.

For the more technologically savvy, there is another option to use. It is free. Sign up with your email address, and input your details, if you have a publisher and a PRS, you can add them to the platform as well, so that their details are automatically added to your split sheets.

I hope this was helpful to you.

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